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    No, the software won’t allow you to go slower than 10%. I assume you did an INTERLOCK + TEST START. That is 25% of maximum speed. I’m surprised that the software will even let you enter in less than 25%. It’s been that way for decades though.

    Well, there it goes another thing that I don't like about this Yaskawa robots.

    Interlock + Test Start goes insanely fast on T1/Manual mode. I am using Interlock+FWD for low speed, but this way you can only appreciate the path on an step by step mode...

    When testing on automatic mode, it allows you to go as slow as 10% (Utility > Speed Override). When you press shift+up/down, the over-ride speed goes 10,11,12,13... an so on, but it won't go below 10.

    Thanks for your answer, I'll start praying to the programming gods for good luck!

    Hello, good forum,

    I'm doing an installation of a YRC1000 robot which will work in remote mode.

    The problem is that my gripper is quite fragile, and I'm not a fan of testing on automatic mode at +10% speed.

    Is there any way of getting this setting below the 10%? the TP just says "Enter correct value" whenever I try to write, let's say, 5%, 1% or even 0%.

    Thanks in advance...

    Hello, good morning if you're from Europe.

    I have this problem with a Yaskawa YRC1000, the playback speed.

    Is there any parameter to set to any value to get the "Speed Adjustment Ratio ---%" to appear?

    Every post and every manual that I see online only says press utility and then voilà, speed adjustment! And on my robot, nothing of that happens... the only options are "Low Speed Start: Valid/Invalid" and "Speed Limit: Valid/Invalid"

    Thanks, this robots are driving me crazy...

    Hello, I thought of a kind of dumb but efficient way of bypassing this…

    How about using a JUMP - LBL from the beginning to the end of the code of the WRONG program, and then using a CALL to the GOOD program after the LBL?

    This way, if anyone selects the wrong TP to run, it will automatically go to the right one.

    Vale, estás dentro del modo Administrador o en modo Experto?

    Haces un "Archive - All "?

    Si es así debería dejarte, prueba conectando el USB al armario del robot, y si puedes, abrir el backup desde el workvisual o desde el OrangeEdit, debería salir tu programa y la modificación!

    Muchas Gracias!

    Aprovecho para preguntarte otra cosa, estoy usando unas variables que están declaradas como cp_reserva, como puedo renombrarlas en el robot de manera correcta?.

    Con ir a visualiazacion, varibles, E/S y ahi cliclando modifico el nombre, porque he visto que en el archivo $config tambien estan declaradas, entonces como seria lo correcto ?


    Para renombrar esas variables yo te recomiendo usar el WorkVisual, es lo más rápido.

    Dentro del $Config.dat que está en la carpeta KRC / R1 / SYSTEM hay un espacio que pone:

    ;Make your modifications -ONLY- here

    Si tienes las variables declaradas en ese archivo, puedes usar el navegador de la consola para abrir el $config (desde modo experto o admin), y desde ahí buscarlas y renombrarlas clicando en el icono del lápiz (te recomiendo enchufar un teclado o un ratón a la consola para hacerlo más facil).

    Puedes usar lo que comentas de visualizacion-variabes-e/s para cambiar el valor de la señal, pero no su declaración.

    Si tienes alguna otra duda, pregunta de nuevo!

    Calma amigo, que te veo nervioso.

    Buenas, sí, es así de simple.

    Al conectar el usb (yo te recomiendo al armario del robot) te aparece en la controladora. Para cargar ficheros tienes que estar en modo experto, y para hacer backup tienes que darle a la opción "achivar".

    Quick idea that came to my mind,

    Have you thought about using the Cartesian Position Check of the DCS system? I know that's for safety issues, but it lets you create 3d monitored areas, and whenever the robot enters those areas, a Background Logic program that you create may activate DOs automatically.

    I don't know if I explained myself correcly, if you need more explanation, just ask!

    Espera Acceso Interferencia1 =ON
    Espera Medio =
    ERROR Arg#1>=Arg#2
    Espera GI# Medio =
    Espera Garra 10 Cerrada

    So it turns out that the error is in the " / " instruction... I deleted it and it compiles perfecly.

    What the hell, man? The Var.dat that I copied is working on another robot.

    I personally have not seen this before, but I would check to make sure that the variable allocation is the same in Maintenance mode for both robots before transferring the VAR.DAT file from one robot to another.

    Thanks for the reply,

    Yes, I already did that, I matched those var numbers and the error changed fro "System Missmatch" to this error.

    It has something to do with the string variables, I still have to figure out what...

    Hello all,

    This Yaskawa robots are driving me kinda crazy...

    Do any of you know why whenever I try to copy one var.dat config from one robot to another, the system says "Error 3140 - Wrong pseudo instruction [VAR.DAT]".

    I tried to load any of the multiple versions that our client gave us for "backup and information" and every single one show this error.

    Any of you can throw in any kind of light?


    Hello all,

    I am trying to add some macros to one YR1000 that my company wants to install on a client factory. They gave me a backup of a similar robot and told me to "use this standard"...

    Well, I'm messing around trying to install the macros, and when I load one specific .jbi, this message appears.

    Error 3220

    Syntax error in instruction data (J:CHK_HOME L:0393)[24]

    It's related to this part of the code... Anyone can give me some help with what could be causing this

         ELSEIFEXP LB003=1
             MOVJ P0430 VJ=10.00 PL=0
             WAIT SOUT#(87)=ON
             MOVJ C00022 VJ=10.00 PL=0
    The problem is down here, with the macros.
            MACRO1 MJ#(20) ARGF4 ARGF-1
            MACRO1 MJ#(20) ARGF7 ARGF1
            MACRO1 MJ#(19) ARGF4 ARGF-1

    Macros 19 + 20 have I CONST(1-24) for the first arg and I CONST(1/-1) for the second arg.



    I don't know how to do what you are asking for, but...

    Why would you want to do that? I mean, world is world, X axis in front of the robot, Y axis to the sides.

    If you want to change 90º the world, why don't just use "X+" instead of "Y+" and "Y+" instead of "X-"? Z+ remains the same.

    Also, You can always create a UserFrame with coordinates 0,0,0 + 90º rotation.