Remote control with KR C2 embedded network adapter on MFC board (X804 connector)

  • Hi,

    We use a KUKA robot with a KR C2 controller. We don't have a separate network adapter on it, but we do have a LAN adapter with an X804 connector on the MFC board.

    We have been able (thanks to your forum) to install the drivers and configure it, now it is pinging and working.

    The question is: Can it be used to externally control the KUKA robot from the notebook via LAN?

    Thank you!

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  • Control how, exactly? There are multiple options.

    It's possible to install VNC onto a KRC2 and get a limited degree of remote control that way -- you can use everything on the pendant except the drives, E-Stop, and other hardware buttons. So no jogging, or starting/stopping programs.

    If you want to pass variables back and forth, your only options are EKI (if you have that option on the KRC), or trying one of the community alternatives like OpenShowVar.

    If you want some sort of realtime control... no, not really. Technically, if you installed RSI-XML, and used the KUKA Router, you could get some realtime control, but it's not a good idea. The X804 NIC doesn't support hard-realtime data exchange.

    Likewise, X804 does not support Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet, or any other industrial Fieldbus.

  • Hi SkyeFire,

    Thank you for your answers all over this forum, it helped a lot of people, including us

    Yes, we need realtime control from remote device. You've mentioned OpenShowVar, and I found the video, where the guy was able to achieve realtime control (with some delays, but whatever)

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    Is it possible through X804? I've asked him btw, but have no answer yet.


    • Helpful

    Is it possible through X804? I've asked him btw, but have no answer yet.

    Possible, yes, but it will be quite laggy and "chunky."

    It would require having a KRL program running on the robot that "listens" to either EKI or OpenShowVar variables, executes a motion based on those variables, then stops moving and starts listening again. It'll basically boil down to getting Xmm or degrees of motion for each key press.

    Given a very small "step" size and CONT motions, it might be possible to smooth out the motion to a degree, but given the nature of the Advance Run Pointer, the robot will always keep moving a few "steps" after you stop sending the command.

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