Changing IP address on KUKA IIWA

  • Hello everyone,

    I am actually on a problem where I don't find how to change the default ip address of the robot.

    It's actually the default one, so, and I would like to change it to include it to my existing local network, which have 192.168.5.X ip addresses.

    I have checked different posts in this forum but I don't find the information I was looking for.

    I already try to change the file "" to apply the address that I want but i doesn't make any effect. I means, the changes I made were saved, but when I want to apply them on the cabinet, Sunrise show an error which is a communication error.

    Is this the correct way to change the IP address ? Or does this change have to be made in another configuration file ?

    When I create a projet and write the address that I want, I have the same error.

    The entire message is : "A communication fault occured during synchronisation with the controller having th IP Please verify that the controller is accesible through the network".

    Thanks for any help that you could bring !

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