How to change the KUKA Sunrise IP ( ?

  • ???

    It should be a simple thing... yet I can't figure it out. The manual doesn't say anything. Only half a page about KLI.

    Can anybody guide me through?

    Much appreciated!


  • AD
  • Chapter 10: Station configuration and installation

    College student currently in undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science working internship with a KUKA LBR iiwa R800 7kg Robot.  I'm still learning the basics, but I hope to master the techniques necessary to operate and understand this robot during my time in University!

  • Thanks alexanderdsmith. Nonetheless I don't think it is that well explained in chapter 10. It was a good starting point though.

    For those who are getting started with KUKA external IPs. This is how to do it:

      • Go to the package explorer tab, and select your project. Expand it and find the file. Double-click it.

      • Once it opens, go to Configuration Tab. Remember that IP you see in the field. It'll be your actual IP. Now, Change that IP to the desired one

      • Go to the Install tab. Click Install and click "save and apply" as soon as it pops up.

      • This is the part I had problems previously because it's really simple. Once the installation window comes up again, a configure IP and actual IP will appear. Double click in the field of actual IP and key in the initial IP (In my case,

      • Accept and reboot.

    This should do the job guys.


  • ...Nonetheless I don't think it is well explained in chapter 10. It was a good starting point though. Anyway, I don't think an answer like "manual sure tells and it's very well explained" suffices....

    [size=1em]well, thank you for feedback... the fact is we all have opinions but i was clearly out of line. why should i get to decide who to help, when and how much just because someone again stumbled in, asked vague question, demonstratively did not read forum guidelines, or manuals (but did criticize them), did not post expected key info such as software type or version and did not bother to post in the right forum section? i shall repent for my ignorance and only provide precise and detailed response regardless [/size]
    [size=small]how many possible cases are there and [/size][size=small]how much of my time it takes to elaborate...[/size]

    yea right... :pfeif:

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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