RobotStudio 2022.3.2 (64-bit) Version 22.3.10190.2

  • Hi everyone,

    When connecting to an IRC5 controller using OneClickConnect via DHCP, I get an error (actually several hundred of the same errors):

    RobotStudio .NET exception: Cannot parse input: 牰瑯扯晵

    These tricky chineses signs means: 牰瑯扯晵 - slang

    The whole output window is clogged with these errors, it makes RS crash and you can't do anything. After several attempts to connect, it fixes itself. Unfortunately, I don't know what makes it happen sometimes and sometimes not. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

    RS version: 2022.3.2 (64-bit) Version 22.3.10190.2

    RobotWare version: 6.11.1005

    PC system: Windows 10 Home 22H2, compilation: 19045.2604

    System language: polish

    User folder name: kmamo

  • SkyFire wrote: "The workaround we found that seems to be reliable (so far) is to first login as Default User, then use Authenticate>Login As Different User to "upgrade" ourselves to full "admin" grants. This has allowed us to get by, and make SafeMove edits."

    So what is written above works for me - first I close the Login pop-up window, then through Autenthicate log in on default user and then log in to safety user. The problem with " exception" no longer appears.

  • LCtrl + LShift + ESC (task Manager)

    1. Terminate Robotstudio.exe (Client)
    2. Terminate RobComCtrlServer.exe (Service)

    3. Terminate RobNetScanHost.exe (Service)

    in my case, abort that three application and re-launch robotstudio client.

    ABB, FANUC, Hyundai, Kawasaki

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