KUKA KR210 - no connections to the krs possible

  • Good afternoon,

    I don't work with the robot for long, so I don't understand a lot.

    The following problem has arisen:

    The KUKA KR210 R2700 EXTRA robot cannot boot, and issues the following messages (Fig. 1,2,3):

    link to pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive…Ccrd6UHo5x?usp=share_link

    At first "Warte auf zyrlische Verbindung..."
    and then "keine verbindungen zur krs möglich"


    The first problems appeared a few months ago. The robot was not used for some time and after the first activation, the following errors appeared (Fig. 4, 5, 6)

    After a software reboot, all errors disappeared, and the robot became a worker.

    In this form, the robot was operated for some time, until one day it simply started.

    To solve this problem, the following works have been done:

    Up to this point, rebooting the Siemens S7-1200 controller through the TIA PORTAL program helped with a similar problem. This time it didn't help. (Fig. 7)

    The Error signal flashes at the controller.

    The next step was to upload a backup (working) copy to the robot's hard disk. That didn't help either.

    The main possible breakdown is that the computer cannot ping its address. It also failed to connect by IP address from another computer.

    The network card is working. We put it in another computer, where it pinged. Another network card was installed in the KUKA robot, it pings, but KRC does not start.

    How can this be fixed? Besides reinstalling the image from the USB flash drive?

    I would be very grateful if you would advise something.

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  • I've seen cases like this where the error can come from the PC. Motherboard, Hard Disk, etc... Do you happen to have any other controllers? One way of trying to isolate the error would be to apply the Hard Disk of that controller and another one to check if the system goes up or not. If it boots, it could be another item: motherboard, processor, etc... if it doesn't boot, your Hard Disk is corrupted.

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