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    Hello friend! How are you? KRC1 is a little annoying to give you with this one.

    I'll give you some suggestions:

    1st Perhaps your new PM600 is damaged in the circuit that generates power on axis 6 (which doesn't make much sense, as the fault came out when reversing the cables) but it can happen. I work with KUKA electronics and I know how many variations there are for errors.

    2nd Did you check the connections on the power cable that connects the robot to the panel? Like the pins, connectors on the cable itself?

    3rd Try using some contact cleaner on the A6 motor connections and wait for it to dry, check that there are no sinking pins when fitting.

    And about the failure that it generates when inverting the connectors between A4 and A6, also try changing the connections of these two axes in the RDW. Perhaps this failure goes away when running this. But it is not the ideal.

    I believe we can start here, if the failure persists we can try other steps.

    Friend, I know it's been a while since you published this post, but it was today that I found it. Is it possible to repair KPP011, I work with this type of service. When more needs arise, contact me please.

    First: Yes, both work in KRC2. What's the difference?: The difference is in the version of the electronic boards, both control and power. Changes such as component versions, integrated circuits. But the functions are exactly the same. In every period that I worked with maintenance of the drives, I always put the two models to work together.

    I've seen cases like this where the error can come from the PC. Motherboard, Hard Disk, etc... Do you happen to have any other controllers? One way of trying to isolate the error would be to apply the Hard Disk of that controller and another one to check if the system goes up or not. If it boots, it could be another item: motherboard, processor, etc... if it doesn't boot, your Hard Disk is corrupted.

    I disconnected the drive and opened it on the workbench. I didn't find anything suspicious, that some element was inflated, for example. I changed some electorlites even though they were not suspicious. After that it did not give a good result. Everything remained as before... it does not work.I contacted khs.. they suggested that the ksp be checked, which is a bit funny because the other two modules light up properly, that is, they are all connected in parallel and are responding.

    I know how to repair a KSD, if you need any support or help you can contact me.

    Yes please...tnx in can i contact you? or if you can send me the procedure how to try to fix it.


    If you prefer, send me your email, or better: send me your phone number so we can talk on Whatsapp. I have a manual that tells you how to repair KSD, or we can find a solution by talking. I'm waiting.

    we disconnected the drive and we determined with the instrument that there is 24 V coming in, although both indicators on the drive do not light up...both (red and green) are turned off. which according to the scheme means that there is no 24 V power supply.???

    khs was contacted...I'm waiting

    If you have measured with a multimeter whether +24V voltage is reaching the KSD and the LEDS are not turning on, the error is in the KSD. There's a way to power the KSD on a workbench with a power supply just to make sure the problem is in it. I know how to repair a KSD, if you need any support or help you can contact me.

    On that top connection you will find a 24V indicator and a GND. Feed on a bench, if the LEDS do not light, the error is indeed in the drive.

    Dear Freind...How is the SBM Kuka replacement procedure going, because it is obvious that the servo module is causing the problem. By turning the switch on the krc cabinet, the other two modules properly signal, but this one looks completely dead.

    Have you tried replacing this KSD?

    Hello, I believe I can help you! I have been working with KUKA license plate maintenance for 10 years. I have already performed this type of maintenance. Call me in private.

    I have also a faulty ksd1-32 with same error message.

    I confirmed with a replacement that works.

    What component inside ksd you think has failed igbt some caps ?

    Has anyone repaired a ksd with this problem?

    I believe I can help you. I've been repairing KUKA boards for 10 years now, and I've developed a manual explaining how to repair a KSD absolutely from scratch. In the material I detail which components to change, the values, where to find them.

    repairsolutionuk, tenho vários KSD e KPS para reparo. Você também pode repará-lo? dê-me alguns preços em massagens privadas qual é o custo de reparação.

    Obrigado e cumprimentos, Gasper

    I believe I can help you. I've been repairing KUKA boards for 10 years now, and I've developed a manual explaining how to repair a KSD absolutely from scratch.

    Hello, Friend!

    How are you doing?

    I work with KUKA boards. I received a KPS600 this week that looks like the same defect. Did you manage to maintain your unit? I am available to take questions if you need to! :smiling_face:

    Hi Gabigol!

    There is not problem about versions of the KUKA KRC2 drivers! You can put a version 1,2,3,4 in some axis and it's all right.

    You only can't change the controller and potency boards of differents versions. This case can create a communication problem.


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