ABB Glazing.

  • Morning all,

    I have a ABB robot completing a Glazing application. I am using an SCA system with the 360 degree rotating nozzle that is set up as a 7th axis to the robot.

    I am having issues with the zones on the robot, whilst the robot is running through the zones with no issues the nozzle is not causing the pathing to "stutter" due to the robot having to stop and wait for the nozzle to reach its position.

    I have attempted adjusting the zoning on the moves to try and force the nozzle to approximate through the path as a typical 7th axis would but I'm having no luck.

    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about what is causing the issue.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • What have you done with the zones to try to make it smoother? The is a component of the zonedata that is specific to rotating external axes. When configured properly, all axes should arrive at the programmed position at the same time. There should be no "catching up" of an axis. It may cause the robot to slow down, but not what you are describing.

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