Yaskawa synchronised conveyor basics

  • Can anybody help me with synchronised conveyor robot programming basics. Like difference between STP and CTP.

    I have done programming on unsynchronized conveyor ( stop and go type)

    It's really simple in later case . But now I'm facing problem with concept of stp and CTP.

    I have to make program for bumper with left side and right side 4 robot ( 2 on right 2 on left side). But now I'm confused how to do that. Please help

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  • STP is start tracking position. Typically, there is an encoder that is attached to the conveyor. When the conveyor moves the encoder rotates. A calibration is done so the robot controller can convert the encoder pulses to a distance in millimeters. A limit switch, sensor, something, gets broken an resets the position of the part to 0 millimeters. The device that resets maybe outside the reach of the robot or inside a machine. We don’t want the robot to start tracking the part until it is some distance from the resetting device.

    CTP is the conveyor tracking position. When positions are recorded in a job the controller grabs where each of the 6 axes are at that time. With conveyor tracking we also need to know where the part is on the conveyor. The CTP is where the part is on the conveyor when the move is recorded.

    Hope this helps.

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