Vision Seam Tracking with Wenglor MLWL Profile Sensor

  • Hi Community,

    we are trying to identify a workaround for seam tracking with a Yaskawa Robot Type GP8 (with YRC 1000)and a Wenglor Profile Sensor MLWL131. The System should be able to finde a contour and then follow the contour.

    Therefore I already got software interface from Wenglor to communicate with the robot. I am also able to do the vision task of the sensor. So the sensor is able to "see" the seam and provide data in sensor coordinate system. Since I am kind of new in robotics I stuck on the robot side of the system.

    Question: How do use Wenglor Data in Yaskawa? First step, I guess, is to convert data from sensor coordinate system into robot coordinate system. Second step is path planning. How can I tell the robot ro follow the data coming from the sensor.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  • Hi,

    Did you give all data robots from Wenglor? (Jobs, Macro Jobs, *.out file and ...)

    If you load all data on the robot, you can track your path.

    Before track you need to calibrate the robot and Wenglor sensor for same coordinate. Did you do it?

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