GMF M-100 Stopped Responding!

  • I'm working with a customer using a GMF M-100 robot with manufacture date of 1987. It was set up to "communicate" with a PLC through several Outputs and Inputs. A couple of weeks ago there was a problem with the robot and someone who really didn't know what they were doing tried to use the Teach pendant to manipulate the robot and get it operating. Somehow they got it messed up to the point where it had to be taken off-line to continue manufacturing without the robot.

    I was called to help resolve the issue, but I have minimal experience with the M-100, although I do have several manuals. I was able to get the robot running and returned to a calibrated state. The program will run on startup and is at a point where it's waiting for a "start signal" from the PLC. Unfortunately there's a signal to the PLC to indicate "Robot Running" that is not being set by the robot controller. I can see that there are other outputs being set in the control program at various steps, but the output for "Robot Running" does not appear anywhere in the program. My guess is that it is tied to a system variable that indicates the operating state of the robot. I saw a mention of the $USAT - "User Signal Assignment Table". I'm wondering if

    1) that table could be used to tie a system variable to a digital output

    2) that table could be modified (inadvertently) from the teach pendant

    3) how I configure that table if needed to reassign that connection

    The manual I have with that reference points me to the "KAREL System Reference Manual" which unfortunately I don't have, and can't seem to find available anywhere.

    If anyone has some ideas or can point me in the right directly I would greatly appreciate it!



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