Fanuc R-30iB Mate brake release

  • Hello. Hoping someone could help with this issue. Have a Fanuc R30iB Mate, 6 axis, that has SRVO-045 error on axis #6. I swapped 5 and 6 on servo amp and error moved to 5, (not servo amp). I pulled the belt off the motor and axis 6 moves freely/smooth, (not the knuckle). I'm down to cable or motor.

    How can I release the brake to verify motor movement on this controller?

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  • $MCR.$brk_output[6]

    Description: $brk_output is an array that you can use to set the brake output bits manually, if $brk_out_enb is TRUE. Note that the elements in this array do not correspond to individual axes. Several brakes might be released by a single brake output.

    I dont know if there's a way to set the brake to individual axes.

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