Communication between NX100 and external PC

  • Hello,

    I am trying to connect Motoman NX100 controller to an external PC through ethernet. I am connecting the ethernet cable from LAN1 socket inside NX100 unit directly to the external PC. The IP address for NX100 is shown in the attached image (img.png "1"). Accordingly, I set the IP address on the external PC as shown in the attached img.png "2".

    Following the instructions from 1) Ethernet Server Function Manual, 2) Data Transmission Function Manual and 3) FTP Function Manual for NX100, I have set parameter RS000=2 and parameters RS029-RS038 at their default values. I could not change parameter RS005 though (another user faces the same problem here). I also enabled the CMD REMOTE SEL in Pseudo Input Signal menu (see, img.png "3").

    In order to test communication with the PC, I turn the teach pendant key to REMOTE but when trying to ping the NX100 from the external PC I get "Destination Host Unreachable" response (see img.png "2"). I tried changing IP address on NX100 but no luck either.

    Is there something obvious to you that I am missing? Any help would be appreciated.



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  • Hi roboprof and thank you for your reply.

    You will need to confirm that Ethernet is enabled on your NX100 robot. NX100 came out in 2004 and ethernet through the LAN port was not always enabled.

    Should I confirm this with our Motoman supplier or is there any parameters/values/indications etc. that I could easily check on the controller?


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