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  • Hi, I.m a newbie in robot. Recently, I have read material's Kuka robot and I don't know how to use $ADVANCE motion blocks in the program. I think it's similar to CONTINUE. Anyone can explain it to me ?. Thanks

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    $advance block is used to determine how many motion commands will be calculated in advance for blending motion running by the advance pointer(KUKA robot program has 2 pointers). Its value is 3 by default and its actual range is from 0 to 5.

    For example, If you want to blend the motion, $advance value should be greater than 0, otherwise, the robot motions would be point exact, and no approximation is possible even if continuous commands are applied.

    Be noted that you must know what you will read in the advance run because it not only reads the motion commands but also all the logic and calculation in between. Therefore be sure that all the calculations and logic should be put in the right place to avoid any possible collision.


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