xrc-2001 QR4c control group setting

  • Hello All, I have a set of four Motoman robots, two up6s and two up-130s. When I first acquired this system it was initialized as a QR4c group. for the past year I have been running the system as a dr2c and really enjoyed it. I recently added a third robot and as I have a fourth I figured why not add it to the group. Unfortunately when I first acquired the system I was new to Yaskawa and I stumbled upon initialization and never did take a backup of the old system so the cmos.bin was lost. Now I cant figure how to set my control group during initialization. does anyone know which robot/base/station options to select during initialization to allow the addition of a fourth robot . Motoman has helped me a lot in learning my system but they said that qr4c wasn't even an option. That doesn't explain though how my system was originally a QR4c and why there are conversion instructions on motoman.com if its not possible.



  • Hi Andrew,

    Was this ever resolved? I'm at the same place. Can't add that 4th up20 robot. It's advertised all over the place that XRC can control up to 4 robots. I bought the cables for a QR4C from Motoman. I downloaded the QR4C manual from Motoman. I've got the schematic for how to install the cables into 4 robots from Motoman. But don't have an answer on why I can't or how to add that 4th robot.

    Let me know!


  • Hey man, it has not be resolved, I’m so upset with myself for not doing a controller backup when I first got the robots but I just didn’t know enough. I’m pretty sure it has to be set for Jigless application and beyond that I think it’s some combination of the robot names in setup just as it is with tr3c. No one at Yaskawa seems to know. The main tech I work with said it was very rare for them to be set up that way but I’m positive it’s possible and my buddy who is ex Yaskawa hasn’t been able to figure it out either.

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