CS7B manuals & help

  • Anyone have any manuals for Stäubli CS7B controller? I have a RX90B robot with CS7B controller and i can't get it to boot up. I was Able to find some manuals but they were not much help.

    I am new to Stäubli robots, but the inside of the controller looks clean, no dodgy wiring or anything, but any manual that provides me with information about the boards and the wiring would be very helpful.

    When i start up the controller the teach pendant doesn't do anything. I have 2 teach pendants so I don't think they are both broken.

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  • bonjour,

    j’ai le même problème que vous , avez vous trouvé les schémas électrique du CS7MB ?

    j’ai des sécurités que je n’arrive pas a éliminer pour mettre la puissance.

    je vous met une photo , si vous aviez une idée .


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