Using Style call and resuming cycle after leaving program or abort

  • Hello, I am working with style for the first time (used to PNS) and the techs at this plant are having issues resuming a program once they have left the initial program.

    For example,

    ROBOT goes down - tech backs robot up to previous position in main routine, when they go to auto the line back up they receive SYST-011 Failed to run task and SYST-069 Program number out of range.

    If they abort the program and try to resume it in the same position going through the main style, the same issues occurs.

    I'm starting to think the program is aborted as soon as we AUTO, but CSTOPI for ABORT is FALSE. If I force a style from the PLC it will run that style from the top, even though it should be locked by whatever task we are currently running.

    EDIT: should be noted if they do not leave the program they can resume without issue

    Any help would be appreciated!:help:

  • Ok thanks, so when using style in auto, you must call a program from the style table (excluding macros), it will then only run from the beginning. No exceptions

    If aborted for any reason mid-style, you would have to run it through the rest of the way in teach, or until meeting the conditions for a style to be selected again in auto.

    Does that sound right? Sounds like a worse PNS to me :icon_eek:

    • Helpful

    If you abort you are done regardless of selection type (PNS, Style, Other). Once you abort the program call stack is cleared out so it doesn't mater if you are in auto or Teach or which program select method, you can never resume from an abort.

    I think were you may be confused is the start signal type. UI[6:Start] is start from current line of code. UI[18:Prod Start] is start from the top. If they manually intervene and want to resume then never Abort. Instead just clear the faults and use UI[6] to resume.

  • I am used to being able to open a program SHIFT+FWD a few lines, release, close the gate and AUTO, and the robot will finish the program on it's own.

    I am not sure what's stopping me from doing that here, I thought it may be something to do with style. I am getting UI:6 to resume, but the program stays paused

  • No I think it is getting aborted right away, because if I call a style it does not say 'locked by another task'. It just jumps right into the style, even though I SHIFT+FWD on a different program.

    I just don't understand how it is getting aborted

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