iRPickTool Wait Position Not At Upstream Boundary

  • This is my first post, so forgive me if my question sounds odd. I am attempting to create my first iRPickTool plug and play program with a SCARA robot. I have a conveyor set up as an outfeed conveyor, and a fixed station set up as an infeed. I set up the tracking frame, trigger position, and reference position according to the manuals provided by FANUC. During simulation in T2 mode, I am able to go to home/perch and pick a simulated part from the infeed station; however, when the robot goes to the wait position, it goes to a point approximately 400mm in the -y direction from the center of the conveyor (+x being in the direction of conveyor flow, and +y pointing to the right of conveyor flow). All the manuals I read state that the wait position should be at the upstream boundary of the conveyor station. Anyone have any idea why the wait position would be off by so much?

  • It is using PK_CV_DROP11. The Dp1 CV Ref Pos has a -1 Y value, which makes sense for the system. The Dp1 Cv Ap Ofst does not have a y value at all. Notably, the robot will move to the conveyor and approximate a place motion (although that still is rough) if wait position enable is set to false. The only time the robot attempts to move to this large -y offset is when it is attempting to move and stay in the wait position.

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