FANUC Robot M410iB/140H Occasional Pick Miss

  • Can someone help me with an issue that has arisen in the last 2 days with my grip tool for our primary robot? We had the system installed in 2017 by Progressive Handling who used JRR Automation for the site specific programming. They failed to deliver on their promises so APT was brought in to finish the project. We have had very few issues since start-up but in the last 2 days the grip tool will occasionally go to pick a unit from either of my auxiliary lines and the tool will not close to grab the unit but will continue on its task to place and move to the next task. Our engineer who had taken the PalletTool/Fanuc classes passed away a few years ago & I have been learning on the fly & am in the process of working with my employer to attend the next classes but am in dire need of a quick fix rather than to hold the task & re-start the robots at every stoppage. We are running 2 auxiliary robots using a single palletizing robot. When we by-pass 1 line the issue does not arise. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am out of my comfort zone.

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