Out of TEMP Memory - 3D Vision process

  • Hi guys,

    I am trying already for a few days to solve a TEMP Memory problem in Roboguide. I would like to set up Bin Picking with a 3DVision Sensor.

    Before adding the 3DV camera my memory looks as shown in the attachment "TEMP memory before adding vision". As you can see I have roughly 10,000KB of free TEMP memory.

    Now I want to add the camera in the Vision menu. As you can see in the attachment "Vision menu" I switch over from a 2D Camera (which is not set up or programmed yet) to the 3D Vision sensor. And as soon as I do that, my free TEMP memory drops down to about 2000KB. Now the problems are starting. I get random errors that my TEMP memory is not enough, I am not able to load and save programs properly any more etc. A whole bunch of weird errors, always corresponding to the low TEMP memory.

    I tried already to delete programs, to delete unused Robot extras through the Robot serialize wizard, and also to changed a lot of numbers in the System Variables menu. Here I changed (increased and decreased) some variables which can be found under "896 $VISION_CFG". For example I changed the variable "17 $VPOOL_SIZE" and many others on the same screen. See the screenshot "System Variables" as reference, so you may understand a bit better what exactly I am talking about.

    All of the above mentioned actions didn't change a thing to my memory numbers. I am out of ideas now and wondered if one of you guys have any idea what else to do? I just can't imagine that on a brand new controller the memory is not enough to run a Vision process. Maybe I just set up something wrong in the camera settings and I just don't see it? Any help would be much appreciated.

    FYI, I tried to upload a compressed workcell, but the file size is too big. Is there another way to share it with you?

    Thank you already in advance guys!


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  • In case anyone has this problem too, I fixed it the following way.

    I installed a previous robot controller release, which gave me more free temp memory straight away. I don't know why but that helped already a bit. Apart from that I did a backup, deleted all my programs and loaded the backed up files again. I didn't load the DCS files. That saved me a lot of TEMP memory. I had a pretty extensive DCS setup which probable used heaps of memory. Unfortunately I don't have that DCS setup any more now, but that was the only way of getting it working.

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