DX200 Dual-Robot Torque System Variable

  • Good morning all,

    since a few months we have a new YRC1000 where system variable PX050 is used to read out the current torque values of each axis.

    However I want to implement a same procedure on our older DX200 duo robot setup.

    I understood from our supplier that PX050 contains the torque values for robot 1, which is ok, but I need the torque values of robot 2.

    Can anybody help me find the right system variable I need to read out the torque values for robot 2?

    kind regards,


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  • The supplier is incorrect. Like the other $PX system variables it is not specific to a robot. $PX050 is a function. When the job asks the controller the torque, the controller replies with the torque of whatever the control group is of the job. The same instruction in a R1 job and a R2 job do the same thing. Give me the torque and place it in a Position Variable of my choosing.

    If the job has multiple control groups like a R1 +R2 then the controller doesn't know what I want the torque of. So it gives me everybody's. The controller will place one robot in the Position Variable I specified and the other robot in the next Position Variable.

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