fexcel v2.0 beta

  • I just pushed a beta release of fexcel v2.0 to github[1].

    fexcel v1 pretty much only allowed you to quickly set all your robot comments based on your spreadsheet. v2.0 is much more powerful. You can still set comments, but you can also quickly create a spreadsheet based on a physical robot or backup or view the differences between a robot/backup and a spreadsheet.

    I think the compiler is the best new feature though. It basically lets you use variables (defined in your spreadsheet) instead of indices in your LS source files. (e.g. R{counter} instead of R[5:counter] or PR{home} instead of PR[1:home]).

    This is a beta release, so there are probably some issues. I'll try and keep up with this thread, but please use the Github issue tracker[2] if you find any.

    Enjoy :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [1]: https://github.com/onerobotics…leases/tag/v2.0.0-beta.10

    [2]: https://github.com/onerobotics/fexcel/issues

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  • I found one small issue, strictly related to RoboGuide and Windows.

    I was finally forced to upgrade my working computer from Win7 to Win10 (ugh), and am finding that I can't reach the virtual robot by using anymore. The default on Port 80 is getting intercepted by Windows Internet Information Services.

    I was able to fix it by turning WIIS off, but before that, I was trying to find a workaround and found that pointing a browser at the localhost IP with the specific port for CGTP Web Server in the virtual robot's SERVICES.TXT file worked (port 3080 in this case), but if I tried feeding fexcel a command using, fexcel threw a "not valid directory or host" error.

    So, not an issue with FEXCEL itself, but the ability to point to a specific port in addition to IP might be a nice enhancement someday in the future.

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