Calibrating/Mastering problem

  • Hello for everybody!

    I'm working for automation/robots maintenance for a year and one of robots (Fanuc Paint Mate 200iA) has fallen in BZAL alarm last week-end.

    I've replaced batteries (with reset of $SPC_RESET parameter in $MCR system variable) and alarm is disappeared.

    Now, I can move it manually with iPendant, but it does not move for program positions because of "Not Calibrated" message.

    I put the "1" to $MASTER_ENB system variable to have the Master/Cal option, and I see its screen with 6 calibration options.

    But when I try to start "ZERO POSITION MASTER", or "QUICK MASTER", or "CALIBRATION" - when I confirm "YES" to entry - it is always answer with a message "Robot is not mastered" … so … do I miss something more to "enable"?

    Moreover: There is a message SRVO-075 Pulse not established (G:1 A:6). I have found a recommendation (SRVO -075 Pulse not established ) to press "RES_PCA" - > "YES" -> "Cold Start" … but in my "FUNCTIONS" menu there is no option "CYCLE START", and the electrical switch-off/switch-on does not solve this message … does anybody have any idea what is a correct way to fix it?

    Thanks, and have a nice day!


    Oleg, Montreal

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    After doing RES_PCA->YES, you may need to jog the J6 axis. The error message shows G:1 A:6 so jog J6 about 1 rotation in both directions. Basically, you need to jog it enough to establish a new pulse count.

  • Thanks, JM

    Really, after one axis was moved (A:6), all the other ones become visible in a series of same-type messages, so it was just necessary to move every axis and it become available to enter the calibration menus.

    Very helpful, thank you a lot!

    Have a nice day!

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