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    Is it possible to log in to our IRC5 robots with an RFID card rather than a password?

    As it is known, passwords are learned very quickly and unauthorized personnel intervention can cause major problems.

  • I pushed for this years ago with ABB. Never saw anything resembling progress towards a more secure and simple login method.

    Coolest thing I think I ever saw (working for an injection mold integrator back in 2015) was a dynamic PIN for admin login on a PLC. The formula was a simple combination of date (DD) and an offset of the minutes on the system clock (MM+20 or something like that. So if it was 5:15 on the 10th, the ADMIN password would be 1035, but on the 11th at 6:05 it would be 1125. It was a little slow until you got quick at the math, and it kept prying eyes from being able to easily decipher the password.

    If you could develop a routine that would accomplish something similar, and allow users to specify their own formula, it'd be really slick!

  • You can protect important modules by making the NOVIEW and NOSTEPIN. Also ReadOnly.

    True, but this is really minimal protection. Doesn't stop access via RobotStudio or even modifying files via text editor.

    Asked my regional sales rep about this last week. His reply?


    Unfortunately no. The Swedes are sticklers for security and come up with every excuse possible as to why that’s not feasible.

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