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  • VHS, I can give you a high-level view of what is involved. I'll start by saying that this is not a plug and play situation and you will have to become familiar with the robot network configuration, Karel and the InSight socket commands.

    1. The robot must have Karel and the User Socket Messaging software option.

    2. Configure the Socket Messaging on the robot as described in the link you posted.

    3. You will need to write a Karel program to communicate with the camera using the InSight socket commands. If you haven't done this before, you will need to invest time in learning the environment and how to compile the code and run it on the robot. You will be sending and receiving basic commands to the InSight camera to trigger and get values from the spreadsheet cells.

    On a side note, If you have the Ethernet/IP scanner software option on your robot that may be an alternative to using Karel-TCP/IP. It still requires you to learn the protocol configuration on the robot and the data structure on the camera. However, it may be worth exploring.

  • Thanks a lot for your help.

    I have to do it sometime but I don't have the knowledge yet, so I'm very motivated to do it.

    Do you have tutorials that could help me move forward and advice?

    The wires of the camera are not connected, do I need to make an RS232 connector as in the photo below? Or plug it into the R30ib + controller?

    thank you so much

  • RS232 is going to be more complicated. I recommend communicating over ethernet with TCP/IP. So the wiring would be: 1) ethernet cable between robot and camera and 2) 24Volt power to camera.

    There are probably not many tutorials specifically for Fanuc to Cognex communication. Read the entire link that you sent. Read the relevant help sections in the InSight Explorer software. There is a section on Native Commands. Try to get access to the Karel manual from Fanuc. I'd be happy to answer specific questions once you do the groundwork.

    Also, you can start by testing the communication between the camera and a PC. You can use a Telnet program to connect to the camera and then send commands. So for this you need to connect the PC and the camera on the same network with IP addresses in the same subnet. Then in Telnet you can use the command "open 192.168.x.x" (substitute the IP address assigned to your camera). You should receive a response asking you to login.

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