Error recalculating position

  • Can you explain what you have done differnetly to when the problem is solved now?

    Hi MoM.

    I wanted to avoid using LIN movements, and use PTP movements.

    Eventually I did not manage to do this, I just eventually used LIN movements which ignore the S & T values.

    Its safe to say I didnt achieve my goal.

    The program now, has

    PTP P10 (Non recalculated)

    LIN P20 (Recalculated)

    LIN Pick or drop positions (Recalculated)

    LIN P30 (Recalculated)

    PTP P50 (Non recalculated)

  • let's go back to post #10

    I shortly explained FRAME and I also made a suggestion to use AXIS instead of *POS. Have you checked the difference?

    My question about "across" is still not answered!

    I do not want to know who someone else could think this is could be the answer of you problem! - Simply give an example or DATA!

  • Hi MOM

    Sorry, as I explained earlier that client is not willing to invest more hours, so it will stay as it is currently.

    The target of the post was to help ME understand better how to avoid the S and T calculations.

    Now going back to post #10

    1st thank you very much for explaining FRAME I understood perfectly.

    I always worked with frame, just didn't realise that was the correct TERM.

    As for what I mean for across:

    He means (I assume) that the pallet spans the $WORLD X axis. This would guarantee that A4, and possibly A6, would have to be in different quadrants for different parts of the pallet.

    My 2nd palet is sitting across my $world x axis (axis 1, 0°), my master position is in a corner of the palet.

    So when it multiplies the rows/colums some of the positions are across the $world axis and then if the points are PTP the S and T values change, and then I have workspace errors.

    With LIN this doesnt happen.

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