KR125/3 pallet jack

  • The "Soft Limits" ($SOFTP_END[1], for example) are not safety-qualified. So, to range-limit the robot in a safety-qualified fashion, either hard stops (bolted to each axis) had to be used, or these range-limiting switches were used.

    If you're depending on the Soft Limits to keep the robot from punching through the fence... well, I hope I'm never anywhere near those robots.

    Having these switches wired directly into the robot is not something I've ever seen before. Where are these switches wired to?

    Assuming the range-monitoring wiring was done properly, the switches should open when the robot moves to an unsafe range. So it should be possible to simply remove the switches and jumper the wires together.

    After that, though, ensuring safety is up to you.

  • The switches are wired to robot.

    In 3rd axis the travel is so limited that can not use the robot normally.

    Series 2000 robots for example kr210 (year 2004) krc2 has safeop technology ?

    Can add safeop technology to this robot ?

  • Depends on the KSS version. Also, adding SafeOp to this robot would require changing out the RDC board for the SafeOp version, at minimum. Probably also requires a more advanced ESC baord in the KRC.

    You would have to contact KUKA with the serial numbers of the robot and KRC to get an exact answer on what is possible, and what it would require.

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