Motoman UP50 NX100 pulses/degree

  • Hi, Does anyone know the pulses/degree for UP50 (NX100). I am using RoboDK for offline programming, but the program is little off from the desired point in physical space. I think it might be due to incorrect pulses/deg set in RoboDK.


  • AD
  • Standard -A00 should be something like:

    S 1416.556 pulses per degree

    L 1604.267 pulses per degree

    U 1994.36 pulses per degree

    R 895.0528 pulses per degree

    B 814.252 pulses per degree

    T 418.6278 pulses per degree

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  • All Axis have 17bit absolute encoder motors. So ideally it should be 2 to the power 17 = 131072 pulses per 360 degree revolution. But , need to see the reduction ratio of each axis speed reducer and then you can findout perfectly.

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