distance between TCP and tool flange bigger than 500 mm - UR10e

  • Hi,

    we have installed a new tool on our UR10e. When programming the TCP, there comes a message that the distance in z-direction ist too big. It only can be between -500 mm and +500 mm. The Distance we need ist about 580 mm.

    What can we do now to solves this problem?

    Will there be more negative points than the listed below?

    - smaller radius of movement

    - lower force absorption

    - lower accuracy

  • I was looking through manuals and could not really find evidence of TCP setup limitations. But I have a feeling that Universal Robots put that limitation in there for a reason. It wouldn't hurt to send an email or give a call to the UR tech support team of your region to get more insight.

    One thing that comes to mind to add on to your list of negatives would be stress on the robot flange. With such a large Z offset of the TCP, you are creating a larger moment force at the flange. Depending on the weight of the object you are picking and the weight/Center of Gravity of the gripper itself, this could damage the robot.

    Now add movement to the robot. Momentum / inertia can intensify the stress at the robot flange.

    I recommend looking at a different tooling design if possible. Going against Universal Robots limits is risky.

  • Hi,

    in another post i saw that, given the right circumstances, it is possible to use a tcp value over 500. Did you manage to do that and if so how do you overcome the safety limit?

    Greetings Mira

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