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    I currently have the problem that I have written a program via URSim that I cannot start on the robot. Other programs can be started on the robot. The error occurs as soon as I press the field for "play". The window for actually starting the program appears. I can still move the cursor, but can't select anything. Has anyone ever had a similar problem?


    i still need some help with this problem.

    I have a variable waypoint (P1= p[x1,y1,z1,rx1,ry1,rz1]) in the coordinate system CS_1 and a variable waypoint (P2= p[x2,y2,z2,rx2,ry2,rz2]) in the coordinate system CS_2. CS_1 and CS_2 are different, the waypoints P1 and P2 can be different or the same. But because the coordinate systems are different, the real positions of the waypoints are also different.

    Now I would like to drive through both waypoints with one move command in order to use the movep function. For this, both points must be in the same coordinate system.

    So, can someone tell me how to transfer point P2 from coordinate system CS2 to coordinate system CS1?


    i have a little problem and hope that someone here can help me.

    I need the current position of the TCP in a coordinate system that I have specified. I would like to assign this position to a variable.

    With the function get_actual_tcp_pose() I only get the point in the base coordinate system.

    How can I transfer the coordinates to another system?


    thank you for your replay.

    I have already tested very low speeds up to 1 mm/s with accelerations about 10 mm/s^2. I will test it with greater accelerations.

    The tool is U-shaped and should be positioned centrally around a pipe. Apart from the manufacturing tolerances, the robot already knows where the pipe is. Due to the manufacturing tolerances, the tool is then not exactly centered around the pipe. I want to use the stop condition on tool contact to position the tool more precisely. The pipe diameter is 16 mm and the inner tool diameter is 18,5 mm. So i can only probing a lot of air in one direction. The air in the other direction is only between about 0.5 and 1.5 mm.


    I would like to use the force / torque sensor of a UR10e to scan the position of a workpiece with the help of my tool. The workpiece is fixed and cannot move. I would like to implement this with the stop condition on tool contact. I've already tested this and it works, but not really good. The problem is, my tool isn't really rigid and it bends easily. It consists of thin-walled copper pipe. Now it sometimes happens that the robot does not recognize the workpiece, simply moves on and bends the tool beyond the elastic range.

    What options do I have to make the control of the robot more sensitive here?


    we have installed a new tool on our UR10e. When programming the TCP, there comes a message that the distance in z-direction ist too big. It only can be between -500 mm and +500 mm. The Distance we need ist about 580 mm.

    What can we do now to solves this problem?

    Will there be more negative points than the listed below?

    - smaller radius of movement

    - lower force absorption

    - lower accuracy

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