detailed workspace definition

  • Hi,

    I would like to define the workspace of my UR10 in detail via polyscope program. In my current workspace a few objects exist which I want to avoid collision with at all cost.
    Is it possible to set an allowed workspace area for the UR10 which it takes into account with every program that it will run?

    Thanks for help.


  • raheel

    Changed the title of the thread from “detailed workspace defination” to “detailed workspace definition”.
  • Here are a couple of ideas:

    1) Set up safety planes where those objects are (look in UR robot safety tab in Installation) The installation that you use applies to all programs that you might run on the robot.

    Reference: https://www.universal-robots.c…ing-up-safety-boundaries/

    2) Try physically locating the object with the TCP of the robot. Using the Cartesian data, you know the space in which the object is in reference to whatever frame you use for your movements. Add a little padding to the boundaries of the object. Periodically monitor the robot's joints or TCP position in the program to ensure that those boundaries are not crossed. Account for object dimensions the robot might be holding as well.

    3) collision detection. If your robot has collision detection, enable it while it moves through areas the objects might be at. Increase sensitivity to mitigate potential damage.

  • jvincent thanks for your useful suggestions.

    I will try to use your idea # 2 and 3.

    Since the object is fairly close to base, defining safety planes severely limits the workspace of robot so I would try to avoid idea # 1.

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