External signals with internal number

  • Hi, I want to use the external signals like ext. Motor on e.g. from a button on the interface panel.

    I gave them an internal number and if I try to set them with sig... then the error: cannot use dedicated signals occurs ... what do I so wrong ? I also removed the tick by dedicated but also not working. The dedicated outputs work fine but how to set the inputs internal ?

    Greetings Lukas

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  • Welcome to the forum...……….:beerchug:

    Yes, this is quite a common problem.

    When using dedicated signals, these signals can only be controlled by functions and not program commands.

    You can monitor for these signals, but not actually control them within a program.


    1. Set Motor power button on IFP using option 3: Push button with Lamp.

    2. Set Button to signal no. internal like 2001.

    3. Set Lamp signal to that of dedicated output for motor power like output 1.

    4. Set dedicated input for motor power, same as signal used in 2.

    5. Set dedicated output for motor power, same as signal in 3.

    Then you can turn on motor power using button on IFP Page, and button will light up with motor power output.

    What you cannot do is in a program, use:

    SIGNAL 2001 to turn on motor power, as it is dedicated and that is what creates the error, what you can do is monitor for the button.


    IF SIG(2001) THEN;



    Hope this helps...…........

  • Ahhh okay thank you very much and yes it helps a lot. I thought about something like this yet...

    I’ll try this and hope it works.

    And yes I tried it the way you said I cannot :D


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