Configuring multi axis positioner for coordination

  • We have a IRC5 controller with 2600ID and 2 MTD headstock modules. We are building our own positioner by mounting one of the headstock modules on an arm that is turned by the first headstock.

    Does anyone know how to configure the robot to allow coordination of the positioner and robot?



  • AD
  • That assumes that he's got a configuration for a 2-axis positioner and not just two MTD's loaded from the template files.

    Which size MTD's are you using and what style positioner have you built ?

    Skyhook / IRBP-A or more of a tilt table ?

    Image result for preston eastin tilt table

  • Hello Saaboholic,

    You are correct, robots did not come from the factory with the 2-axis configuration. The mechanical configuration is a skyhook.

  • Below is the basics... you need to define it as a robot of type "IRBP_A" and link the joints to that new robot.

    See PM for complete MOC file for your system.

    Arm type calibration/values will change once you redefine the baseframe for each axis.

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