Fanuc R-J2 Controller - Live Data Read

  • Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience in trying to get live data from their Fanuc r-j2 controller through the RS232.

    I have come across many threads using the RS232 port to backup the program files but what I would like to do is use it to gather a unit count.

    I would like to receive a rs232 message every time the robot begins another weld.

    Would it be possible to add this into the program routine?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.



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    Last year, a client of ours asked for a similar study. Controller:RJ2 and robot: 420IF. So there was a pretty old system. I've done some pretty thorough research on that. My client wanted to count the work done statistically and send it to another PLC unit without ever going near the robot. Even though we suggested a new robot, he was a bit of a cheapskate, but he insisted on it. Whether the robot stopped in the Program steps or before the system variable, whether by defining it did not notice any way online instant data transfer could not. I bought an Analog Output module for my robot as a last resort. I prepared a voltage algorithm to see myself work and the desired number of robot" R "data with counting done and" Background Logic " in this data reached my desired values gave Analog output module. These signals were sent to the screen or to the desired location by applying the same algorithm there via a PLC. And did my client use it? Of course, no. Did he drive me crazy? He drove me crazy perfectly. If you have a more likely solution, I suggest you move on from there. Stay away from the RS-232 port except for backup and installation, My Friend... Respects..

  • Thanks for your Byrol,

    Unfortunately I am in the same position as you were, a new robot is too expensive an option so I'll have to think of something else. Good to know the RS232 is not useful for anything else.

    Appreciate your help


  • byrol

    could you please send the document to me as well!

    We're trying to control an old S420IF with a JR2 controller over RS232(C).

    This has been done before (back in 2009) by an external company for us, however they do not want to provide the code used so we'll have to develop a new script as the old one is no longer available.

    best Regards,


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