Yaskawa DX100 Sensor settings

  • Hi

    I'm new to Yaskawa's world. I would like to use an induction sensor. I have already added the sensor to Robot I / O Unit. (CN307 / Logical number: 20050 / B1 / sensor input)

    # 20050 is not working.

    I can not recognize Universal Input / Output in the Universal.

    Where can I find the slot ID number?

    Or what is the logic?

    Thank you very much the help

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  • hello,

    There are 4 slot on the I/O board in the controller.

    It is better you test the slots with volt meter. You can ON of of outputs and check which slot give you output because i have a controller that wasn't correct in slot names. For example slot 306 wasn't for system input and output and it was start from 20050 to 20057 and 30050 to 30057. Therefore it is better to test with voltmeter.

    If your controller slot are correct, the CN307 is start from 20030 to 20037 for input and 30030 to 30037 for output. If you want to use 20050, you must connect it to CN309.

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