Anyone have any tips for someone new to Motoman robots?

  • Hey fellas,

    So I just recently accepted a job as a robot technician (Maintenance) with a company that works with quite a few motoman robots with the DX100 controllers. It is mostly a weld environment with material handling here and there. Most of my experience falls underneath Fanuc, ABB, and Comau robotics, however this plant is 50/50 Fanuc and Motoman. Been in the robot game for about 4 years.

    Does anyone have any beginner tips on the programming/maintenance side of these robots?

    Similarities/differences to other robot languages?

    Anything I should look out for?

    Any input is appreciated. I'm trying to study up and get somewhat familiar with the brand before I jump right in. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the robot-forum

    If you are familiar with the type of programming Fanuc offers, you will have no problem understanding Motoman. Think about ABB and Fanuc programming style, they are different , right ? That's what you are going to see with Motoman

    Manuals for Motoman are easy to access and having DX100 is a plus for you. At least you are not programming a 30 year old robot


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