Recovery of intermittent SRVO-068 fault

  • Hi All. I have a Fanuc M410 series arm. We're experiencing SRVO-68 DTERR alarm (Grp:1 Ax:4) alarms. With the assistance of Fanuc the fault has been isolated to the wiring loom which we are planning to get replaced ASAP. However we occasionally get the fault and we're unable to clear it without moving the axis slightly to re-establish the connection. Fanuc engineers are able to clear the fault by removing axis 4 from the the axis order, moving the arm position and resetting the PTA. Unfortunately they wont show us how to do this. Does anyone know how to do this? It would allow me to continue production, if the fault re-occurs, until I can arrange the full repair.

    As a temporary measure we've reduced the height the robot reaches in the hope that this will reduce the cable flex and prevent the fault from appearing. I'm not convinced that this will help much though.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Resetting the SRVO-068 should just be a matter of FCTN>0>8 to cycle power and it should go away. Unless the cable is completely shorted or disconnected. As far as the axis order goes i'm not entirely sure what they are doing there. Does this usually require a remaster afterwards? If so it sounds like they are removing the axis to drop the pulse and recalibrate it which can be accomplished by unplugging the servos encoder. But this will require you to remaster that axis and possibly reteach the job. As far as PTA are you talking about resetting the pulse coder alarms under Menu>System>Master_Cal? This usually needs done with the pulsecoder is unplugged and you receive a BZAL alarm.

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