Ranks in the Forum

  • We now have Ranks in the Forum. This should be a little motivation and a visual sign how active a member is. :hi-bye:

    That's are ranks from the Game Battlefield, as soon as i find some with robots, I will change them. :AR15firing:Suggestions welcome. :love24:

    You receive:

    1 point for a "Like" :top:

    5 points for a post

    10 points for a thread

    20 points for the "most helpful post" :fine:

    30 points for a blog article (Legendary Members only)

    The more points you have, the more rights you get.

    For example:

    Newbies can attach 8 MB, 1 attachments in a post or conversation.

    Junior Member ca attach 12 MB, 2 attachments per message or post

    Senior Member 20 MB and 3 attachments

    Legends can write Blogs....

    That System is very complex, I don't explain that here.

    All you need to know is, that you receive more rights by asking, helping, writing.

    Have fun :yessir:

    RankSign with LVLPoints needed:
    Registered without postsroboterforum-r_000.png0

    Newbie LVL 1

    Newbie LVL 2

    Newbie LVL 3

    Newbie LVL 4

    Newbie LVL 5

    Junior Member LVL 1
    Junior Member LVL 2roboterforum-r_007.png60
    Junior Member LVL 3roboterforum-r_008.png70
    Junior Member LVL 4roboterforum-r_009.png80
    Junior Member LVL 5roboterforum-r_010.png90
    Junior Member LVL 6roboterforum-r_011.png100
    Junior Member LVL 7roboterforum-r_012.png110
    Junior Member LVL 8roboterforum-r_013.png120
    Junior Member LVL 9roboterforum-r_014.png130
    Junior Member LVL 10roboterforum-r_015.png140
    Member LVL 1roboterforum-r_016.png170
    Member LVL 2roboterforum-r_017.png200
    Member LVL 3roboterforum-r_018.png225
    Member LVL 4roboterforum-r_019.png250
    Member LVL 5roboterforum-r_020.png275
    Member LVL 6roboterforum-r_021.png300
    Member LVL 7roboterforum-r_022.png350
    Member LVL 8roboterforum-r_023.png400
    Member LVL 9roboterforum-r_024.png450
    Member LVL 10roboterforum-r_025.png500
    Member LVL 11roboterforum-r_026.png600
    Member LVL 12roboterforum-r_027.png700
    Member LVL 13roboterforum-r_028.png800
    Member LVL 14roboterforum-r_029.png900
    Member LVL 15roboterforum-r_030.png1000
    Senior Member LVL 1roboterforum-r_031.png1200
    Senior Member LVL 2roboterforum-r_032.png1400
    Senior Member LVL 3roboterforum-r_033.png1600
    Senior Member LVL 4roboterforum-r_034.png1800
    Senior Member LVL 5roboterforum-r_035.png2000
    Senior Member LVL 6roboterforum-r_036.png2250
    Senior Member LVL 7roboterforum-r_037.png2500
    Senior Member LVL 8roboterforum-r_038.png2750
    Senior Member LVL 9roboterforum-r_039.png3000
    Senior Member LVL 10roboterforum-r_040.png3250
    Forum Elite LVL 1roboterforum-r_041.png3500
    Forum Elite LVL 2roboterforum-r_042.png3750
    Forum Elite LVL 3roboterforum-r_043.png4000
    Forum Elite LVL 4roboterforum-r_044.png4333
    Forum Elite LVL 5roboterforum-r_045.png4666
    Forum Legend LVL 1roboterforum-r_046.png5000
    Forum Legend LVL 2roboterforum-r_047.png6000
    Forum Legend LVL 3roboterforum-r_048.png7000
    Forum Legend LVL 4roboterforum-r_049.png8000
    Forum Legend LVL 5roboterforum-r_050.png9000
    Forum Legend LVL 6roboterforum-r_051.png10000
    Forum Legend LVL 7roboterforum-r_052.png12000
    Forum Legend LVL 8roboterforum-r_053.png14000
    Forum Legend LVL 9roboterforum-r_054.png16000
    Forum Legend LVL 10roboterforum-r_055.png18000
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