Change robot speed in PickMaster3

  • Hello everyone,
    I am writting here, because I have a question about robot speed setting in PickMaster 3. I know, how to change this value in PickMaster project (right click on robot symbol and then Settings), but I want to change the speed from my PLC. I send commands like, open project, run project etc. via RIS plug-in (TCP/IP protocol) to PickMaster, but RIS can't send the speed value. There is a speed value in PERS type variable Vtcp in ppaBase system module. Can I change this value from PLC (PLC is conected with IRC5 by PROFINET) or not? What if I will use MoveL command in RAPID with higher speed, than the one set in PickMaster project? Will PickMaster overwrite this value and will take the value from the PickMaster project?

    Thanks for any reply.

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  • Hi
    For example I want to use InitSpeed procedure in each cycle in PickPlaceSeq() procedure, like this:
    PROC InitSpeed()
    VelSet 100,10000;

    PROC PickPlaceSeq()
    Vtcp := gi_Speed;
    Is it good way to change the speed value ? PickMaster will not overwrite this value?

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