SRVO-295 Alarm

  • Hello All,


    It all started with alarm SRVO-251 which we were able to clear but we were unable to fix a pulse coder alarm on our AXIS 7 that drives the robot on a conveyor.

    We have since Cleared all those alarms by replacing the wire that goes into that pulse coder and the pulse coder itself.

    But now we get an alarm SRVO-295 AMP com Error, when hitting shift reset we get alarm SRVO-075 but jumps back to SRVO-295

    Im just wondering if there is a step we may have missed when replacing the pulsecoder and wire or we need to replace that amplifier. any help would be great

    Thank you

  • The SRVO-075 is the Pulse not Established. Since you disconnected the pulsecoder you've now lost mastering to the 7th axis and it will need remastered after establishing the pulse. If you go into your alarm history (MENU>4.Alarm you should probably have a BZAL alarm as well (SRVO-062) unless you've already cleared that. This will show all active alarms as well.

    SRVO-251 means that an abnormality was detected in the relay of the servo amp and the remedy is to replace the servo amp but it doesn't say anything about replacing the encoder cap/cable.

    And SRVO-295 is an AMP COM error
    Cause: A communication error occurred in the 6-axis amplifier or between the Power Supply (α iPS) and the servo amplifier.
    1. Replace the 6-axis amplifier.
    2. Replace the cable for communication the Power Supply (α iPS) and servo amplifier.
    3. Replace the Poewr Supply (α iPS).
    4. Replace the servo amplifier (α iSV).

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