Stäubli Robotics Suite PC SDK

  • I was wondering if there is a PC SDK for Stäubli Robotics Suite in order to establish a connection from an external program. I know that this is possible in ABB's RobotStudio and that Visual Components already has a Stäubli add-on, but i can't find any information (I haven't acquire SRS yet so I didn't check the internal documentation).

    If you have any knowledge about if it's possible and/or documented somewhere it would be really helpfull.

  • The nice stuff about Ethernet IP - it works on old robot perfectly and does not require PLC of Web Server - it is possible to build real rime movement/correction using it. All you need is a custom real time val3 driver - works on any system from around ver. 5.2 if I am remember correctly (or 5.5) - you do not need val3 version 7 at all !!!! The best version is val3 ver. 6.9 - have very wide functionality and still some open options - that got license requirements in version 7 - like absolute robot.

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