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    Replacing motor in the arm is much more complicated procedure. I would recommend company that can do it on budget:

    It is very easy to replace robot arm of the same series like tx60 to tx60:

    1. Power Down CS8C

    2. Disconnect old arm, connect new arm.

    3. Power up CS8C - it will give you some message about phasing not right.

    4. On Teach pendant Main menu: Go to : Calibration: and press/choose "rec" - (recovery option)

    It would ask you if you connect new arm and want to copy data from arm to controller - Choose "YES"

    5. If everything go smooth - that is all you need to do. If you have any other problem - let me know.

    I did that procedure many times.

    P.S. first you need to change user in the profile (controller settings: user) to "maintenance" - password available online - do a little search.

    I do like Staubli robots - I saw some with 131K + nonstop hours and still running

    ... probably for safety reason the app written in a way to lower the speed of robot to 40% when it sense that the cell door is open..... so keeping that door closed all the time will lead to max speed by app? All depend on app programmed logic.

    The nice stuff about Ethernet IP - it works on old robot perfectly and does not require PLC of Web Server - it is possible to build real rime movement/correction using it. All you need is a custom real time val3 driver - works on any system from around ver. 5.2 if I am remember correctly (or 5.5) - you do not need val3 version 7 at all !!!! The best version is val3 ver. 6.9 - have very wide functionality and still some open options - that got license requirements in version 7 - like absolute robot.

    I do not like loading staubli computer - old one is 400mhz (CS8C from around 2005 to 2014 - limited on memory and hdd space) and CS8C from around 2015 - only 1000Mhz - it is better keep all heavy processing outside and only leave for cs8c basic processing - movement via custom driver. Unless you have CS9 - not sure what speed they are?