Prevent Access to TP programs

  • Is there a way to prevent a user from accessing a TP program? I know FANUC has an option that allows password protection; but, it doesn't seem to allow me to specify an access level where a user cannot even open a TP program. The lowest accessibility the password option offers is operator. With that a user can still open all TP programs; but, only as read only. How to i prevent any and all access to a program?

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  • If you put this into an XML file, create the install user, log in, and NEXT to the second page of Function Keys, you will see an option called Config. Select it, then import, then Enter on the XML file. When it says it has been loaded, then Done. Now the operator level will not be able to view or edit any programs.

    Before hand, go to the File page and set the USB device with the XML file to be the current device.

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