Acquisition of rotation angle A, B, C in the world coordinate system

  • Hello for all.
    I want to obtain the values of X, Y, Z, A, B, C in the WORLD coordinate system.

    By making a rotation matrix, I could calculate the X, Y, Z coordinates of the World coordinate system.
    {pw} = [T]{pb}
    pw : x,y,z coordinate in world coordinate system
    T : rotation matrix using A,B,C in base property
    pb : x,y,z coordinate in base coordinate system

    However, I am in trouble because I can not calculate A,B,C in world coordinate system.

    Does anyone have ideas ?
    I am thankful for any suggestions.

  • Hi Fubini

    I deeply appreciate your suggestion.

    I was misunderstanding. The problem was solved by changing the above equation as follows.

    [Tw] = [Tb][Tp]

    Tb : Transformation matrix(4x4) using X,Y,Z,A,B,C in base property
    Tp : Transformation matrix(4x4) using $POS_ACT value
    Tw : The fourth column of this matrix represents X, Y, Z in the World coordinate system, and A, B, C in the World coordinate system can be calculated from the components of the rotation matrix.

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