Connecting to a CR750-D controller

  • Hi All,

    I am currently doing onsite automation support for a company and they have a Mitsubishi robot with a CR750-D controller. I am experienced with some robotics but almost no experience with Mitsubishi.

    Essentially all I want to know is how do I connect to the controller with my PC in order to, most importantly, make a complete system back up, but also make the occasional change.

    1) What software do I require?
    2) What cabling do I require (LAN or rs232)?
    3) Can I connect to the robot while its running?

    these may seem like silly questions to someone more experienced with these robots but would save me a lot of time and research if anyone could help.

    Thanks in advance.

  • You need the RT ToolBox and i would prefer the communication with LAN.

    With my older CR500 and CR700 systems is it also possible to create backups with an USB stick and the teach pendant.

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