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    This is absolutely possible. I’d have to dig out exactly what system inputs are required to acknowledge the error but I have done it many times.

    There was even one case where the robot would be automatically reset via a PLC after a jam up of parts without any interaction. (Sounds dangerous but it was extremely well handled in logic and made sense in this one specific case).

    Ok so I worked on it today and was able to strike an arc.

    Mine is has a similar interface as yours (robTst). This unit basically connects to the AI/AO and DI/DO on the robot. Then connects to a plug on the side of the controller. Then the local net splitter cable connects to the welder and wire feeder.

    The welder has to be set up as a unit in the process file.

    It seems relatively straightforward although the unit I’m working on was previously hooked up to a fronius welder so some of the hard work was already done.

    You may need a key string or some sort of license for arc ware though?

    I have some good fronius manuals if you DM me.

    Hi Sean,

    I’m looking to take this on soon although mine is an S4C+. Is your fronius a TPS or TPSi?

    From what I gather, you’ll need a local net splitter cable that goes from the welder to both the wire feeder and robot controller. I think from there you should have a Rob5000 or RobTst unit in your controller that handles the interface.

    Have you started yet?

    Start by fixing your tool data but if that doesn't work use OrientZYX

    E.g MoveL [[107.505103342689,105.260294117647,18],OrientZYX(0,0,-180),[-1,-1,2,4],[145,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09]],v100,z0,tYourTool\WObj:=woYourWobj;

    Not sure if you can hear in the video, but there is an audible relay click just before the Connection Unit module status (MS) LED turns on. Does yours do that?

    I’ve asked the guy on-site to replicate your video but I would be fairly confident that mine does not do that. Do you know where that relay is located? Is it the one on the DSQC504?

    Hi Skooter.

    You’ve gone out of your way there to do that so thank you very much.

    Interesting to see your DSQC504 only lights up after a while.

    Mine gets to the stage where on the CPU, power is solid green, HD blinks several times and status flashes green but never gets past that!

    I guess the nest step would be to change the entire computer unit as SomeTekk mentioned.

    This is a tough one!

    Replaced the DSQC504 after checking all of the incoming voltages. All were ok. One of the 15v was around 12.7 so I also replaced the power supply.

    Still nothing! The new DSQC504 doesn’t have MS light illuminated either. I tried it with no plugs in the DSQC504 except power in and it’s still not on so I don’t know?

    The plug coming from the power supply has 12 pins, the base unit has 15 pins but only 12 are used.

    According to the schematic, pin 13 is used as 24V IO and this circuit runs through some sort of thermal switch on the transformer. However, my controller does not have this circuit - I’m assuming it’s a later revision or perhaps the automotive controller.

    I’ve changed almost everything now except the main computer… any ideas?

    Referring to the original post:

    Here are my LED's


    On the Power Supply I am green.


    On the DSQC 509

    En: Nothing

    MS: Green

    NS: Nothing


    DSQC 504




    PWR: Green

    HDD: Nothing

    Status: Flashing green


    These have not changed at all. That‘a a huge red flag then if I should have power on the DSQC504. I’ll will locate one and replace it and hope for the best. Before I replace it I’ll pull up the schematics and check the power supply as you’ve said.

    Thanks skooter

    So I finally got back to this.

    I changed:

    IO computer

    Axis computer

    Computer power supply

    Compact flash

    And nothing changed….

    I’m thinking maybe main computer? Although it seems to be booting up according the the readout from hyper terminal and the fact that both green lights are on.

    I might try to change the main power supply even though it seems ok based on previous comments.

    One interesting observation was that from taking the main computer unit in and out so many times from changing the various components, one time I forgot to put back in all the plugs so basically powered it on with out the main computer unit plugged in. Interestingly, the teach pendant did exactly the same thing, counting up infinitely. Makes me wonder am I missing something? Obviously I have already tried a different pendant and checked the wiring from the x20 plug inside the controller.

    Another notable point is the the controller battery unit is likely dead. I know that the main power supply circuit to the main computer goes through the battery unit, could this cause as issue?

    Lastly, on the DSQC504 base unit connector has no leds illuminated on it. Should they be on? I’m referring to the CAN 1 and CAN 2 NS and MS leds.

    Thanks all.

    Hi All,

    I'm struggling to understand multimove fully. I know that you need multimove if you have more than one robot on one controller.

    However, I also know that if I have one robot and one positioner on a controller without multimove, I can still jog the robot in coordinated motion with the positioner.

    The question is, if I have a robot and positioner and I want to weld for example and move the robot and positioner at the same time while welding, do I need multimove for this application?


    Thanks for the pointers, I’ll check those points out if the io computer doesn’t solve it.

    Still haven’t gotten back to this so no more news yet.

    It’s system pack 4-2.21. Thinking of upgrading to 2.27 while I’m at it.

    Hi Skooter,

    That was my thought process, force it into the boot menu where you can select where to get the system from, but it never appears.

    I was of the same opinion with the IO computer and I have new one so I’ll try that first. I was also thinking of getting the compact flash adapter and replacing that although the text from hyper terminal indicates that the hard drive is ok.

    I’ll try the IO computer first and see how I get on. Thanks

    Hi All, finally getting back to this. Checked the power supplies and everything looks ok.

    I connected again with hyperterminal and this time copied the response from the controller.

    I started with the xdelete “image.bin” and got response:

    -> xdelete "image.bin"

    xdelete "image.bin"

    deleting file image.bin

    value = -1 = 0xffffffff = _end + 0xffc65717

    -> reboot


    0xcb34b4 (tShell): /hd0a unmounted.

    It would then rebook like this:

    AMIBIOS (C)1997 American Megatrends Inc.,

    Motorola Corp. PCI/ISA 98-W4037D08C

    AMIBIOS (C)1997 American Megatrends Inc.,

    Motorola Corp. PCI/ISA 98-W4037D08C

    /// Bootloader 1.1/8 Nov 24 1999, 00:20:32 ///

    disk 0:0 ATA STI Flash 6.1.0

    disk 0:1 unknown type


    system: '/hd0a'

    release: '/hd0a'

    Loading module /hd0a/bin/mc 1608728 + 60144 + 1028576

    Loaded configuration /hd0a/mc.cfg

    Starting at 0x108000...

    Starting RTC synchronization of system time...

    And then would loop like this seemingly forever…

    I then did a few reboots and it would do the same thing until I powered it down and removed all of the cables going to the computer and powered it back up again.

    I then booted it back up again and was back to the infinity counting up screen and following LEDs:


    PWR: Green

    HDD: Nothing

    Status: Flashing green

    Just like before. We have the boot disc so I said I would try to delete the system and do a cold boot. I used the xdelete “system” and got the following response on startup:

    /// Bootloader 1.1/8 Nov 24 1999, 00:20:32 ///

    disk 0:0 ATA STI Flash 6.1.0

    disk 0:1 unknown type


    system: '/hd0a'

    release: '/hd0a'

    Loading module /hd0a/bin/mc 1608728 + 60144 + 1028576

    Loaded configuration /hd0a/mc.cfg

    Starting at 0x108000...

    Starting RTC synchronization of system time...

    /hd0a/ - Volume is OK

    Phys mem : 0x1fff000

    Perm pool : 0xa00000 @ 0x15ff000

    LocalCA mem : 0x18000 @ 0x88000

    LocalSM mem : 0x8000 @ 0x80000

    Local mem : 0x15ff000.

    BSP version : 1.1/15

    Creation date: May 19 2005 02:55:55

    Main network : fei0 00:01:af:0a:cf:dd

    Executing startup script /hd0a/bin/mc.bat ...

    mRouteAdd "","",0xffffffe0,0,0

    value = 0 = 0x0

    sp root_entry,"bin/install.cmd"

    task spawned: id = 0xcd4d84, name = t1

    value = 13454724 = 0xcd4d84

    System pool was initialized

    Global pool was initialized

    pf_mem_init: Backup battery week = 4.

    Done executing startup script /hd0a/bin/mc.bat

    Status -1 from loadComputer

    22-02-04 16:31:42 MC0: iomgr_remote.c 2729 IoMgrRemoteInit: Can't open the Car2

    Status -1 from invoke IoMgrRemoteInit


    It still didn’t enter the boot menu on start up, teach pendant never leave the count up window. It’s worth noting that we also tried a new teach pendant which had now effect.

    See full hyperterminal Log although I believe it may be missing the command where I deleted the system but everything this else is there.

    I assume at this stage we would be looking at replacing hardware. Anyone have any idea? Main computer? Hard drive? IO computer?

    Any help much appreciated. Thanks