Safemove 2 Tool Position Supervision

  • So i've setup the safe zone as i have done for many robots in the past using the original safemove ...1? i guess you can call it

    Now in safemove 2, we can create 3d models of the EOAT and put bubbles in and make it all fancy which is great!! Awesome job ABB!!

    however whenever i try to set the tool position supervision , activation i have it set to default Permanently active , No signal for function active status , Category 1 stop , and no signal for violation action.

    When i run the robot, ram it through the Safe_Zone fencing , i can see the bubbles from EOAT go outside of the safe zone and the robot continues along in Auto and in Teach?!? I get an alarm on the TP saying it broke the safe violation but the robot doesn't stop.

    During my testing i realized if the robot is going at a fast speed, im guessing more then 1500mm/s then it violates out and brakes hit, but the eoat is 500mm past the safe zone.

    Shouldnt the safe zone prevent the robot from passing through the virtual fence? maybe i am just missing something in the configuration

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  • Your description of the events is surprising to me. You say that the robot does not stop, even though it writes to the TP screen that the Safe Zone was violated. Are you sure it doesn't stop, but then allow you to continue in teach mode? Normal behavior would be that you violate the zone and stop, but are then allowed to continue in teach mode. Theoretically you would move clear of the Safe Zone, but you could also move further into it if you needed to.

    Another thought is that maybe you've made changes that you haven't yet loaded to the system. Maybe you can see the new setup on the Online Monitor, but it doesn't match what is live in the robot?

    Deceleration distance is one of the things to take into account when planning your safety configuration. The robot has mass, and that mass has inertia. If you're moving a car at 50 miles an hour and slam on the brakes, you don't stop on a dime. You decelerate and slide to a stop.

    The same problem exists with the robot. The motion planner does not look ahead and predict Safe Zone violation. It only reacts once the violation occurs.

  • Thats correct, the robot breaks the safety violation and continues.

    I've realized i didnt put the payload data in and thats why the robot wasnt stopping , dumb move on my part :stupid:

    Thanks !

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