Writing to User Frames

  • Hi. I'd like to write the xyzwpr values to a specific userframe without typing it manually through the frames interface.

    One method is to create a listing file where I set a position register with my xyzwpr values and then set the userframe variable, e.g. $MNUFRAME[1,4], equal to this position register. This is not ideal since I have to check that the posistion register is not already in use on a case by case basis.

    If I could directly write xyzwpr values to the $MNUFRAME variable then this method would be ok. But I haven't found a way to do this through syntax trial and error, e.g. $MNUFRAME[1,4].$X = 5, or from searching the internet. The $MNUFRAME variable is a of data type 'position'. Can the individual components of this data structure be manipulated? I don't have the option of using KAREL.

    What is your best method of writing userframe data?

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