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    Do you know if ASCII files like .LS and .VA are always available on the MD: drive for the equivalent compiled files even if the ASCII upload options are not installed?

    I'm aware of two ASCII related options:

    R796 - Ascii Program Loader

    R507 - Ascii Upload

    My googling suggests that both of these options allow you to LOAD in .LS files. I don't need this. I just need to be able to read .LS or .VA from the MD: drive via the FTP server for example.

    Can anyone clarify what exactly these options do and if they are necessary for .LS files to exist alongside .TP files on the controller.

    I'm not able to verify this with RoboGuide because the R796 option is forcefully installed when you configure a virtual robot.

    I need to download some job and system files from a DX200 controller to a computer on the network during production. I was going to use the FTP Function to do this but I saw this warning in the manual:

    It sounds like this could interfere with the robot communicating with the PLC and negatively affecting production?

    Do you know a production safe method of getting these files from the controller?

    Hi. I'd like to write the xyzwpr values to a specific userframe without typing it manually through the frames interface.

    One method is to create a listing file where I set a position register with my xyzwpr values and then set the userframe variable, e.g. $MNUFRAME[1,4], equal to this position register. This is not ideal since I have to check that the posistion register is not already in use on a case by case basis.

    If I could directly write xyzwpr values to the $MNUFRAME variable then this method would be ok. But I haven't found a way to do this through syntax trial and error, e.g. $MNUFRAME[1,4].$X = 5, or from searching the internet. The $MNUFRAME variable is a of data type 'position'. Can the individual components of this data structure be manipulated? I don't have the option of using KAREL.

    What is your best method of writing userframe data?