"Check Position Error"

  • Hi everyone,

    So I was writing a program and when I went to play it, an Error message came up and said "Position Not Checked"
    Tried to reboot controller and turn off power supply and still get the message when trying to play back.
    Made a totally different program and it gives me the same error.

    Please help!

    Thank you :) :help:

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  • Please go to ROBOT,SECOND HOME POSITION, , press FWD key and when robot stop press 'data' and 'confirm'(in up left corner).If You have a positioners or external axis from touch button page ,You have to select it and do for every axis.

  • It is for DX 200 controller and works with all controllers. When You power off the robot or You have a power loss and some times You can move with a hand a T axis. When DX started a difference between DX position data and current position data is occurred and massage 'check position data' appear .

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